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About Hadassah Hospitals Cameroon through its hospital:

Mission Statement:

Hadassah Hospitals Cameroon (HHC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to patient care and to improving the quality of medicine in Cameroon. We are committed to the community we serve and the people of the Republic of Cameroon. HHC is a rising medical center in Cameroon serving thousands of patients each year. Over 40,000 patients were seen last year and over 1200 surgical procedures are performed each year. We are focused on:

  • Maintaining excellence in leadership and quality of care.
  • Expanding the scope of medical knowledge through science, technology, and research.
  • Striving to provide community outreach and healthcare to all.
  • Providing the framework of our medical staff and other support personnel through training and education.
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We intend to promote healthier communities by:

  • Respecting others and showing compassion.
  • Behaving honestly and ethically.
  • Being accountable for our attitude, actions, and health.

Our Vision is to provide evidence-based medicine as the core of care for the wellbeing and health of everyone who walks through the doors of HMC in need of care. Truly, HMC is patient centered.

The ideas, thoughts, and actions of leadership, medical personnel, and other support staff are guided by:

  • Respect
  • Innovative efficiency
  • Excellence of diversity
  • Stewardship compassion
  • Teamwork and collaboration integrity
  • Safety first

Our Values:

  • Patient first is the core value of HHC.
  • Each patient is a unique entity to our family and is to be treated with respect and honesty.
  • Our partnerships with Smile Train and other NGOs continues to strengthen patient care.

We encourage:

  • Speaking up without fear on matters of patient and colleague safety.
  • Taking action to create an environment of zero harm.
  • Advancing our knowledge and skills.
  • Seeking continuous improvement.
  • Delivering evidence-based care that leads to excellence in outcomes.
  • Using resources wisely and maintaining financial stability.
  • Working together to coordinate care and services across the health system.